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Staying in tune with evolving market trends is critical to making sound investment decisions. Our in-house Research team generates market-leading research on pressing issues and meaningful topics impacting the residential real estate sector today and beyond. In addition, they provide a proprietary view on target investment markets and submarkets that is integrated into our underwriting and investment process. View our Research team’s latest Berkshire Viewpoints for a snapshot of the industry and a peek into our investment philosophy.

Industry Reports

  • October 2021
    Where is the U.S. Housing Shortage? Download PDF
  • April 2021
    Single Family Rentals: Frequently Asked Questions Download PDF
  • April 2020
    Early Thoughts on Risks Across Markets Download PDF
  • March 2021
    BerkshireTHRIVE ESG Report Download PDF
  • June 2019
    Senior Housing Comes of Age Download PDF