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Sector-Focused Approach

Berkshire Residential Investments

Sector-Focused Approach

At Berkshire, we’re diligent about every investment we touch. As residential sector specialists, we have the expertise and robust track record to invest across the risk spectrum in both equity and debt in both private and public markets. Berkshire's vertically-integrated, multi-disciplinary approach includes:

Berkshire Residential Investments

Market Research & Analysis

Our in-house Research team brings an experienced and focused approach to helping guide the company’s investment strategy and market selection as well as aiding in the analysis of market assumptions and major economic drivers that may impact investment performance. Our Research team utilizes a proprietary research framework supported by:

  • Top-down fundamental economic and market investment research
  • Real-time, bottom-up market intelligence from the company’s national investment footprint and regional transactional and operating teams

This framework is used to make market allocation decisions and to guide underwriting assumptions for individual transactions.

Because our in-house Research team is integrated directly into the investment sourcing, underwriting and approval processes, we can develop more astute market viewpoints, as well as economic, investment and property fundamental outlooks.

Berkshire Residential Investments

Acquisition & Development

We embody certain critical attributes that drive successful investment sourcing for our portfolios:

  • Strong relationships with various types of market participants
  • Positive reputation for underwriting efficiency and certainty of execution
  • Ability to differentiate ourselves from the competition by leveraging proprietary information

Our Acquisitions team is dedicated to the company’s investment sourcing, underwriting and due diligence. The team is distributed across the U.S. and each professional is responsible for specific geographic territories. Our in-house Development team has extensive residential construction and development experience and provides management oversight and value creation expertise by contributing to the design and engineering of the project and providing extensive oversight of the project’s construction.

Berkshire Residential Investments

Portfolio Management

As stewards of our clients’ capital, we place portfolio management at the center of our investment management structure. We operate under a portfolio management construct with a dedicated team that serves as the investors’ representative, taking primary responsibility for the fund - setting the strategy, implementing that strategy and actively managing the portfolio. With a deep understanding of the fundamentals and dynamics that drive residential real estate markets, our Portfolio Managers are armed with the skills, talent and experience to meet our clients’ investment objectives.
Berkshire Residential Investments

Capital Markets

Working closely with our Portfolio Management team, our dedicated Debt Capital Markets team is responsible for sourcing attractive financing for Berkshire’s investments. The Debt Capital Markets team has extensive residential financing experience and maintains strong relationships with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, life insurance companies and major national and regional banks.
Berkshire Residential Investments

Reporting, Valuation & Data Analytics

Our in-house financial accounting and valuation team is focused on generating informative, consistent and timely reporting for our clients. Each quarter, investors receive an individualized capital account statement, unaudited financial statements of the fund in which they are invested and a quarterly report providing detailed information on the fund’s investments, portfolio activity and other quarterly fund-level information. We also provide our investors with annual reports and audited financial statements at the end of each fiscal year to maintain transparent communication and stay in lockstep with our clients’ needs and expectations.
Berkshire Residential Investments

Property Operations

We take our role as an operator very seriously. Our dedicated Property Operations team actively manages each property, striving for more efficient operations each day, and is fully integrated into many facets of the investment execution process. Rather than rely on third-party operators, our internally-aligned, in-house team offers dedicated property management, renovation and engineering services, and resident and community relations.

A Deeper Dive into our Property Operations Team

Rather than rely on third-parties to manage our properties, Berkshire has the capabilities to handle everything in-house – maximizing alignment, operational performance and returns.

No distractions – Our Property Operations team is dedicated to Our properties, creating better alignment of interest and opportunities for value creation through the team’s daily active management of each property and focus on:

  • Increasing rental income
  • Improving occupancy
  • Maintaining a controlled program to qualify top-tier residents
  • Controlling expenses
  • Implementing capital improvement projects

As an owner-operator, our Property Operations team provides valuable, real-time information on local and national market trends, as well as on property operational results. This proprietary market intelligence helps drive portfolio strategy and allows for a nimble approach to a changing market environment.

Berkshire Residential Investments

Revenue Management & Expense Control

The Property Operations team provides high-quality revenue management and expense control services to Berkshire’s properties through the daily focus of our regional and on-site managers who implement modernized pricing methods, detailed revenue and pricing analysis and comprehensive reporting, as well as detailed reviews of property performance and strategy. Using the industry-leading YieldStar Price Optimizer© platform, we provide detailed performance-to-market reporting, real-time pricing, user performance statistics and more to aid in increasingly knowledge-driven revenue and strategy planning.
Berkshire Residential Investments

Property Renovations

With long-standing industry experience, our Renovation & Engineering team includes professionals with diverse real estate, engineering, planning and project management backgrounds. The Renovation & Engineering team implements and manages value-add programs for new acquisitions and existing properties with a demonstrated track record of producing compelling return-on-cost results.
Berkshire Residential Investments

Resident Focus

As true owner-operators, we’ve been managing and efficiently operating properties in the U.S. since our founding.  A focus on superior customer service for property residents has been a hallmark of Berkshire-managed properties. To ensure thriving communities, we employ top-performing property management teams that drive operational excellence at each of our properties. By leveraging technology and relationships in each of the communities we operate, our team is adept at resident marketing, management and retention techniques that lead to robust traffic from prospects and high quality residents and facilities.

Awards & Recognition

Berkshire Residential Investments

NAA Recognizes Berkshire Aspen Grove as the 2018 NAA Excellence Award Recipient

Berkshire Residential Investments

Glassdoor Recognizes Berkshire as One of the Best Places to Work of 2017

Berkshire Residential Investments

National Association of Home Builders Recognizes The Rey as 2017 Multifamily Community of the Year