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Berkshire Residential Investments

A Formula for Consistent Growth

Extensive experience in the face of economic volatility has taught us that investment success requires two things: agility and vision. That’s why we’ve built a strategy that has the greatest likelihood of generating consistent returns, while providing stability no matter what is happening around us.

Our Focus

We offer our investors the opportunity to participate in various residential real estate investment types, each with its own diverse opportunities, expected returns, and levels of risk. Together, we’ll help you choose the best investment type based on your investment timeline, appetite for risk, and desired outcomes. Berkshire focuses specifically on quality core, core-plus, and value-add residential real estate investment opportunities that:

  • Are in markets with expected growth
  • Have strong underlying fundamentals
  • Match our investors’ needs
  • Fit our firm’s core competencies

Our Process

At Berkshire, we’re diligent about every investment we touch, which is why we build a full business plan for each opportunity prior to capital deployment. Most investment managers depend on third parties to manage their properties or portfolios. Berkshire handles everything in-house, maximizing alignment, performance, and returns. Our integrated, multi-disciplined team includes:

  • Property operations
  • Acquisitions
  • Development investment management
  • Redevelopment
  • Portfolio management
  • Finance

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