Investment Management

Investment Management

Since our founding, we’ve taken an integrated approach to investment management that combines capable portfolio management with deep market research and analytics. Our investment management solution ensures you’re armed with extensive data and expert guidance for the clearest, soundest decision making.

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Market Research & Analysis

Our in-house economic and market research team abides by a proprietary research framework that fuses real-time, bottom-up data from our investments with insights from our transactional and operating teams.

Because our research team is integrated directly into the investment process, we can develop more astute market viewpoints, as well as economic, investment, and property fundamental outlooks for clearer decision-making and projecting.


Portfolio & Asset Management

As stewards of our clients' capital, we place portfolio management at the center of our investment management structure.

Each Berkshire fund operates under a portfolio and asset management construct with a dedicated team that serves as the investor’s representative, taking primary responsibility for the fund, setting the fund strategy, implementing that strategy, and overseeing and managing the fund’s investments. With a deep understanding of the fundamentals and dynamics that drive real estate markets, our portfolio managers are armed with the skills, talent, and experience to advise our clients on meeting their investment objectives.


Data Analytics & Reporting

We actively monitor all investment data in real-time to provide the most accurate, consistent reporting for our clients.

Each quarter, all investors receive an individualized partner capital account summary, as well as unaudited financial statements of the fund, a quarterly report providing detailed information on the fund’s investments, and other fund-level information relevant to the quarter. We also provide our investors with annual reports and statements at the end of each fiscal year to maintain transparent communication and stay in lockstep with our clients’ needs and expectations.

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