Property Operations

Our property operations division is one of the largest property owners and managers in the industry.

We take this role seriously, actively managing each property and striving for more efficient operations each day. Rather than rely on third party operators, our internally aligned in-house team offers superior property redevelopment services, revenue management, and resident relations.

Our Solutions


Property Redevelopment & Renovations

Our property redevelopment and renovations team includes senior professionals with diverse real estate, engineering, planning, and management backgrounds.

Typically, our redevelopment opportunities are joint ventures with development partners who have deep experience and an established pipeline in their local markets. Our in-house development team then works to evaluate, structure, and collaborate with each partner throughout the planning, construction, and lease-up process to ensure all redevelopment goals are met.


Revenue Management & Expense Control

We provide high-quality revenue management and expense control services through the daily focus of regional managers to offer modernized pricing methods, detailed revenue and pricing analysis, comprehensive reporting, and reduced fair housing exposure, plus detailed property performance reviews.

Using the industry-leading YieldStar Price Optimizer© platform, we provide detailed performance-to-market reporting, real-time pricing, user performance statistics, and more to aid in increasingly knowledge-driven revenue and strategy planning.


Resident Marketing, Management, & Retention

As true investor-operators, we’ve been managing and efficiently operating properties across the country since our founding.

To ensure thriving communities, we employ top-performing management teams to ensure operational excellence at each of our properties. By leveraging technology and deep relationships in each of the communities we operate, our team has mastered resident marketing, management, and retention techniques that ensure high interest, quality residents, and superior facilities.

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